Which Ski Helmet

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Which Ski Helmet Suits You?

Camurai - The Camurai simply is CP's most classic all in one helmet. We continued to upgrade this very first of our visor helmets over time until we arrived at today's gold standard version with its great shape and technical features. With a fully variable airflow system this helmet is perfect for daredevils that are really going flat out on the slopes.

Camurai Swarovski Crystal - Breathtakingly feminine. Lady in white. The Camurai adds a healthy dose of glamor to the piste with its Swarovski components and spangled ear pads. Beware of cat! The black Camurai with its highly decorative silver cat design and the Swarovski eye components is the all in one helmet for sophisticated snowcats...

Camurai CR - Remarkably sophisticated: The triple Camurai with its modern chrome finish is the ultimate eye-catcher.

Camurai Carbon - The carbon shell of this irresistible helmet is extremely light, scratch, and impact resistant. It is every skiers dream in terms of safety and impact resistance. The fully carbon look gives the helmet a stylish look with a sleek finish.

Cuma – CP's newest all in one helmet has an enticing and non-compromising style. Its elegant exterior hides a state-of-the-art, sophisticated ventilation system made from highly functional materials that provide a perfect combination of breathability and water and wind resistance. Perfect for the Ski fanatics that want to stay stylish on the slopes.

Cuma Cashmere - Cashmere goats from the Kashmir region are known for their particularly fine fur. This makes the wool especially fine. This wool is particularly suited to making luxury shawls and pullovers due to its incredible ability to retain warmth and because of its extremely fine fibers. This gorgeous fabric is now being used for the first time in a ski helmet. This lining makes the helmet even more comfortable and fashionable.

Curako - The Curako has taken inspiration from the popular CP Cumbaya. It brings together style, design, and CP's unprecedented high standard of comfort.

Camulino - The Camulino is the all in one helmet for your youngsters. Safety always comes first, especially for Children. The Camulino keeps your little ones safe and gives you less to worry about. Forgotten and lost ski goggles are a thing of the past.